Voucherify philosophy is all about the speed of implementation. For this reason, we put a lot of effort into making our API and other building blocks developer-friendly. But even the fastest tools won’t guarantee success if you don’t align your implementation priorities with your business goals. 

We offer a team of dedicated, high-skilled developers who have experience with both Voucherify and CRM tools to integrate Voucherify with your existing technology stack. Go here to learn more details.

We’ll guide you through the Voucherify implementation process and show:

  • How to align your implementation with your success goals?
  • How to use Voucherify building blocks to put your promo strategy in place?
  • How to enable your digital team (marketers and developers) to deliver promotional solutions in smart iterations?

We hope that this knowledge, combined with our service delivery team's experience, will allow everyone to visualize the path better forward and ultimately realize the full benefits of Voucherify in your team.

Voucherify diagram


While Voucherify is 100% ready to be used by professionals who want to try tools independently (you can sign up, integrate the API, and roll out your first campaigns within an hour). We are strong proponents of initial matchmaking parties. Sitting down at the table together allows the Voucherify team to listen to your business needs and help you find the path to evaluate a solution. 

Thousands of consultative calls helped us coin this 3-step process. It ensures that no momentum is lost from the sales cycle to the implementation cycle.

  1. Customer Intro Call –  and detailed 1-to-1 product demo meetings defined with this step will help our delivery team be prepared and convey a level of confidence with your team from the start of the project.
  2. Establishing Success Goals – with the knowledge about Voucherify capabilities, now it’s time for your team to write down the before/after analysis for your digital promotions strategy. Our experts will help you establish the status quo and put together the ideal after state, including concrete business outcomes and metrics. Some questions you might want to consider:
    • How will Voucherify functionalities drive results?
    • What functionalities can we not live without?
    • Will these results affect the bottom line? 
    • What would the ideal results be?
    • Can we afford to re-allocate the funding and resources?
    • How much time, resources, and funding are reasonable for integrating Voucherify?
    • Will this support long-term digital initiatives?
    • Can we save time and resources in the long run?
  3. Sales to Services Handoff – assuming that we gained your trust, we can move to the implementation part to get your promotions to the next level. Our experience shows that the most common, recurring predictor of implementation success is strong project governance. And this starts with establishing a Voucherify Customers Success Specialist (CSS) who will:
    • Drive alignment across all the various teams with weekly status meetings.
    • Provide expertise where required and bring a singular focus to every implementation.
    • Build a relationship with your management team not only to guide the project but to ensure that issues are quickly addressed and the project continues to drive forward.


Required capabilities

Having communication channels aligned, a CSS kicks off the business process design. The goal of this task is to plan the optimal system configuration and architecture. While our CSS will be leading this part, the very nature of this activity is collaboration and consists of three topics:

  • Business process workshop – the CSS helps a customer map their high-level promotion strategy onto the Voucherify platform. By going through the list of aspects below, we can capture what requirements are essential to delivering the expected value.
    • Promotion scenarios discovery – a high-level overview of types of campaigns you should be able to run with Voucherify, including coupons, loyalty programs, referrals, cart-level discounts, gift cards, giveaways.
    • Redemption touchpoints – a deep dive into your customer journey and the technology supporting it to find out how to apply Voucherify promotions to your e-commerce and CRM software.
    • Users & roles & budgets – mapping how various departments like marketing, customer support, and engineering can collaborate to create and maintain predictable and successful promo campaigns. 
    • Customer data – an analysis of what customer attributes should feed the Voucherify personalization engine and how frequently to synchronize them to get the promotion timing right.
    • Product catalog – a plan on integrating Voucherify with your inventory to enable product-specific discounts and enhance loyalty programs with “material” rewards. 
    • Promotions distribution – re-evaluating customer journey from the angle of incentive/reward delivery. Designing how to connect marketing channels with promotion engine triggers.
    • Reporting and system integration – an overview of Voucherify data export capabilities for business intelligence and data integrity purposes.
    • Migrations from legacy systems – planning how to transition your legacy campaigns without causing harm to the shopping experience.
  • Data volume estimation – depending on the traffic and data volume, the integration might require additional activities like setting up a dedicated cluster or splitting your promotional campaigns into several Voucherify projects.
  • Security requirements management – we consider several security-sensitive inputs like PII data policy, GDPR requirements, history of fraud incidents, organization access policy to design and set up a secure Voucherify account compliant with international standards and protects your campaigns from malicious activity. 
Voucherify integration plan

The required capabilities step serves as input for the design phase carried out by our delivery team. Depending on the complexity of integration, this process usually takes up to several days. Once it’s complete, we send you an integration plan and invite you for an architecture review meeting. This is an essential toll gate required to take place before the implementation begins. 

At the meeting, the Voucherify solution architect presents the integration blueprint and data model, demonstrates our recommendations according to your requirements, and identifies any remaining open issues.

Account setup and walkthrough

When your integration team accepts the integration plan, we head off to account configuration. Upon its completion, CSS will notify your team with a short note on how to access your Voucherify account and invite users from your team. 

Marketing and customer teams can use our how-to guides and webinars to explore the dashboard. If anything is unclear, you can request an online walkthrough carried out by one of our CSS. 

Integration development

Once your account is set up, you can let your developers begin the API integration. There are several building blocks they can use to get the job done faster:



After Voucherify starts accepting your API request and the redemption endpoint is embedded into your checkout pages, you might want to battle-test your promotion scenarios. At this stage, it’s useful to run through the following test suite:

  • Dry-run of planned promotion customer journeys (e.g., coupon creation, publication, validation, redemption, and rollback).
  • Test validation rules against corner cases (a wrong condition can burn your promotion budget in no time). 
  • Find and fire the most common maintenance features (e.g., locating promotions, browsing single customer view, activating/deactivating campaigns, searching for coupon code).
  • Verify that customer attributes synchronization works as expected (e.g., creating a dynamic segment based on specific customer attributes).
  • Test corner cases to see how error handling works for end customers (e.g., test the message your customers see when a coupon validation fails).
  • Verify if all users can access the dashboard and enter specific projects and views according to the role-based policy.
  • Browse audit logs to understand how Voucherify monitors user activity.
  • Go through redemption history and other statistics to learn how you can be informed about campaigns’ effectiveness.
  • Configure and test webhooks to see if Voucherify notifies external systems about pre-defined promotion activities. 

But above all, you should learn how to monitor your Voucherify account to keep it and your promotional campaigns in a healthy state. This includes:

  • API usage.
  • Redemption rate.
  • Failed redemptions reasons.
  • HTTP audit & logs.

Redemption monitoring

The ultimate test of your setup will be the migration of your promotions from the legacy system to Voucherify. You don’t need to decide on a hard switch, though. Voucherify API flexibility allows your team to bulk import the promotions programmatically, connect them to customer touchpoints, and handle your promotions in parallel.



Before you switch to Voucherify, there’s one more thing that needs to be done. Your team needs to learn how to navigate the dashboard. Although Voucherify is a versatile tool, betting on adaptiveness to your promotion strategy rather the other way around, the overarching concept of each promotion campaign follows the same steps: create, distribute, validate, and track

Moving to production

Finally, when all controls turn green, you can switch to Voucherify and let our promotion engine take care of promotions' effectiveness and security. Now the hard part starts – you need to run your first promotion campaign and figure out what works and why. But worry not, we’re still with you. Here’s how we help you with at this stage:

  • Our CSS sets up a regular account health review and will notify your team about possible mistakes or low-hanging improvements.
  • A product newsletter that shows how Voucherify’s improvements help you save time. 
  • With Sandbox API, you can test new promo scenarios and marketing channels without disrupting your production setup.
  • The articles from the Optimize section will help you avoid common mistakes and apply the best practices we found out by benchmarking different industries using Voucherify.
  • In our Community chat, you can talk to like-minded Product Managers and Marketers to explore how forward-thinking companies design and deploy promotional campaigns.

How to subscribe to an Enterprise plan?

If you would like to subscribe to the Enterprise plan it requires only a few steps:

Step 1 – Define your limits

You will have to provide us with information on your desired monthly usage limits. For more information, see pricing.

You should also consider what level of support or special requirements you are interested in. Based on this information, we will provide you with the initial quote. Contact us if you want to receive an estimate. If you already have your Customer Success Agent, please provide that information to them.

Step 2 – Sign an order form

If you accept the estimate, we will prepare an order form and send it to you via DocuSign.

Step 3 – Sign up for your plan

Once the order form is signed, we will update your Voucherify account and you will be able to subscribe to your Enterprise plan from there. Follow this link to see how to upgrade the plan on your own.

The process is self-service. You will find your Enterprise quote in the billing section of your account.

Best practices

  • Involve your software team early on in the design process. Make sure they read the API reference and the API integration guide to evaluate the necessary workload.
  • If you find it difficult to estimate the traffic and select a respective Enterprise pricing tier, we recommend starting with a Professional plan and upgrading as you grow. If you need dedicated support from day one, we should talk about the Enterprise plan right away.
  • To spin off a proof of concept to test the whole customer journey, you can use our pre-built UI widgets
  • Using official SDKs reduces the number of integration issues and the total implementation time.
  • Every object you interact with via API stores an HTTP request/response body. Use them to debug your integration and solve issues raised by your team.

Find partners

If your business needs assistance developing promotional solutions with Voucherify, get in touch with our Solution Partners. Our Partners are experienced digital agencies trained in using Voucherify potential to the fullest.

Visit this page to learn more

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