Support Ticket Lifecycle

Request Type


General Questions We highly advise you to check our User Guides and Developer Documentation before raising a ticket, as your questions might have already been answered. 
Platform Issues If you encounter an issue with our platform, please raise a support ticket by filling in an online form.  
Requests If you would like a change made to your Voucherify account, open a ticket. To make this process more efficient, please state the request clearly and authorize the activity to take place. 
Product Ideas Check out the Product Roadmap to submit a feature idea and see what features are being planned and developed. 
Integrations If integrating Voucherify with a selected software is critical to your business, please open a ticket and let us know. You can also submit your request in the Product Roadmap or build the integration yourself. To learn more, visit our Developer Documentation.

Ticket Severity Level

If you haven’t found an answer to your questions, please visit our Support Page and raise a ticket.

Severity Level


Response & Handling Time

Non-urgent Use this category if you have a general question about your use case or seek advice on setting up Voucherify. Also, use this category if you want to report a bug or an issue that you found with our documentation that does not negatively affect your use of Voucherify.  Response Time: 24 hours
Handling Time: not guaranteed
C-category Use this category if you want to report a minor issue that can be fixed with a work-around. C-category issues do not limit the operational performance of Voucherify but may prevent smooth operations and worsen the user experience.  Response Time: 24 hours
Handling Time: not guaranteed
B-Category Use this category if you want to report an issue that limits the operational capacity of Voucherify.
B-category issues may affect the User’s production systems (e.g., service access and data entry) and non-production systems (e.g., QA and development).
Response Time: 2 hours
Handling Time: 12 hours
A-category Use this category if you want to report an issue that prevents normal operations of Voucherify.
A-category issues severely hinder access and usage of your production platform, while basic functional requirements are not met. 
Response Time:  1 hour
Handling Time: 4 hours

Ticket Management Stages

Voucherify Customer Success Specialists and the Technical Support Team are online, reading, and answering your questions from 9 am to 5 pm CET, Monday through Friday, excluding Polish holidays. We are ready to make some exceptions for customers on premium support and extended premium plans. Upon raising a support ticket, you will receive an email confirmation with your ticket ID number. The support team prioritizes tickets according to severity levels and your service plan. Keep in mind that if you are an Enterprise client, you can access our premium support, which customizable SLS parameters and ticket management.

Step 1: Raise a ticket

There are a few guidelines that you should follow to open an effective ticket:

  • Use the same email address which you use for your Voucherify account.
  • Provide as much detail as possible. You should attach relevant files, screenshots, screen recordings, or error logs connected with the issue.
  • Let us know the name of the Project, Campaign, Coupon, or Loyalty Card ID that is causing you trouble so that we can help you faster.
  • Make sure that you are not duplicating a ticket raised by your colleague.
  • Select the proper severity level of the ticket. It is also advisable that you let us know how the issue affects your business.

Step 2: Wait for the ticket to be processed

Have you opened a ticket? Great! Our Support Team will take it from there. Our Support Specialists will reproduce the reported error during the analysis stage. 

Here is how it looks like step-by-step:

  1. The Support Specialist tries to recreate the reported issue. 
  2. The Support Specialist tries to locate the issue's source and whether it may lead to feature enhancement. 
  3. If the reported issue results from a user error, The Support Specialist will provide the user with relevant user guides or developer documentation. 
  4. If the issue lies on the Voucherify system's side, the Support Specialist will provide you with a solution. Please keep in mind that the Support Specialist can request access to your Dashboard to check your Campaigns and Project setup during this process.

Stage 3: Your ticket is resolved

After implementing the solution, the ticket will remain open until the user and a Support Specialist reach the mutual agreement that the issue is resolved. If you feel unsatisfied with the provided solution, you should inform the Support Team about it. We will do our best to resolve the issue to your satisfaction and leave the ticket open for further investigation.

Voucherify Success Team does everything in its power to help you succeed in using our platform. We also want to get your feedback on how smooth the support was for you. That’s why you have an option to leave your rating to each response from our Support Team. We appreciate your feedback as it helps us ensure that we are providing the best service possible.

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