Besides delving into written guides and video tutorials explaining the capabilities of Voucherify (which we highly recommend), you can also take part in the recurring Voucherify webinars. The main goal of the webinars is to give you a live demo of core Voucherify functionalities that showcases both the marketer-friendly UI and flexible API. We offer two types of webinars – dedicated and general.

Dedicated Webinars

Dedicated webinars usually take the form of a 1:1 demo presentation with a designated Customer Success Agent. Unlike general webinars, dedicated meetings are done upon request and can tackle more specific chunks of Voucherify functionality. If you are already interested in using Voucherify for growing your business, requesting a dedicated webinar can be a great step forward in understanding how, in practice, Voucherfiy can help supercharge your promotional activities. 

Get in touch with our sales team to schedule a dedicated webinar. 

General Webinars

On the other hand, general webinars come in three themes – coupon, loyalty, and referral. Each session is led by experienced Customer Success Agents. The standard webinar formula goes as follows:

  • Introduction to Voucherify.
  • API-based Promotion Management System – a short explanation of what API and Promotion Management Systems are. 
  • Voucherify key concepts – an occasion to discover more about Voucherify glossary. 
  • Live Demo – a presentation devoted to loyalty, referral, or coupon campaigns.
  • Subscription plans – a quick overview of Voucherify pricing plans. 
  • QA session – an excellent time to have your questions answered by experienced Customer Success Agents. 

The webinars are hosted with the help of a Livestorm app. The sessions take place every day at different times of the day to allow users from different time zones to join in. There are 5 webinars held every week. We also made sure to make them no longer than 1-hour-long. Feeling like that’s something you’d be interested in?

Go here to book your seat. 

Both dedicated and general webinars are free and non-binding – their goal is to help you decide whether Voucherify is a good fit for your particular use case and business. 

Keep in mind that after the general webinar, you will be invited for a 15-minute call to further discuss your expectations, ideas, and needs. 

If you would like to learn more about the next steps, that is the implementation of Voucherify, visit this short guide.

Product Update Webinars

If you are subscribed to Voucherify Product Newsletter (you can do so by visiting your Voucherify Profile), you are going to receive an invitation link to a Product Update Webinar. Such a webinar is organized every 3 months (at the end of each development cycle) and its main purpose is to further explain the newest features and to answer your questions about the introduced functionalities. 

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