Promotional Strategy

Our promotion experts non-stop create insightful articles about best practices for launching and maintaining successful promotional campaigns across multiple teams. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of the top articles and pieces of content dedicated to the intricacies of running jaw-dropping promotions. 

Coupon Marketing

While being a great tool for driving revenue and nurturing brand loyalty, coupons can also be a way of unwittingly putting yourself out of business. With a badly-planned coupon strategy, you run a risk of losing revenue – a coupon code going viral with no easy way to deactivate is a real nightmare for most marketing and sales staff. 

That’s why we came up with a handful of articles delineating the most important DOs and DON’Ts of coupon marketing

Coupon examples

Customer Loyalty

As a customer loyalty solution provider, we always try to stay on top of our game to deliver you the content that will effectively supercharge your loyalty solutions. Although having a loyalty program sounds like a fail-proof strategy, there are certain advantages and disadvantages of loyalty programs. All of those are explored on our blog


Headless Approach to Promotions

If API and the headless approach were prophets, we would definitely count ourselves as their disciples. The flexibility and the incredible level of freedom and customization that comes with going headless trumps everything. If you are new to API and the headless approach in software development, here are some helpful pieces to get you started:

If learning by example is right up your alley, read Voucherfiy customers’ success stories here
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