April 2019

New referral campaign manager

You can now use a simplified version of the Referral Campaign Manager and new features added to the referral setup. From now on, you can define referral conversion using custom events tracked by Voucherify (e.g. new customer signed up). Moreover, you can reward both referrer and new customers with gift card credits.

Follow this link to learn more about referral campaigns. 

New manager for segmentation

You can now use an improved manager for customer segmentation. Now building customer segments and dividing your audience is even easier. You can implement your custom segments and be sure that Voucherify updates them on the fly.

Follow this link to learn more about customer segmentation. 

Active Campaign integration

You can now send codes to your customers in ActiveCampaign by using standard distributions or using ActiveCampaign as a part of the referral program (distribution channel for rewards). 

Follow this link to learn more about Active Campaign integration. 

Custom events in referral programs

You can nose convert new users and send rewards based on performed events. A new type of referral program counts customers as referred when they take a particular action in your app or website. 

Follow this link to learn more about custom events in referral programs. 

Double-sided referral programs

You can now launch flexible double-sided referral programs that let you reward both sides with a whole variety of incentives including discounts and gift card credits. 

Follow this link to learn more about referral programs. 

Loyalty programs

You can now launch loyalty programs with Voucherify. 

Follow the link to learn more about loyalty programs. 

Referral analytics

You can now track the performance of each referral program with a separate dashboard with metrics and stats presenting its current performance. You can see the top referrers, triggered rewards in numbers, revenue from referees, and other meaningful insights.

Follow the link to learn more about referral analytics. 

Voucherify mobile app

You can now create offline points of sales/redemptions as part of your online-to-offline strategy. Your staff at the location can redeem codes from your campaigns, validating order structure and customer attributes too. Download the app for free and invite your customers to redeem their incentives in-store.

Follow the link to learn more about the Voucherify app. 

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