December 2019

Double-opt in

You can now enable double opt-in functionality for your landing pages. This option is enabled by default and is used to verify your customers by sending them a confirmation email. 

Follow this link to learn more about double opt-in. 


You can now launch a new type of campaign – giveaways. Reach out to us to get early access to a brand-new campaign type that allows you to run fun giveaways, engaging online contests, and lucky draw programs.

Follow this link to learn more about giveaways. 

API usage

You can now track your API usage. Visit your Project Setting to monitor your API usage. Don't worry though, if you ever exceed your quotas just reach out to us.

Follow this link to learn more about API usage. 

Moltin partnership

You can now easily integrate Voucherify with Moltin to allow smooth data transfer and easy code redemption at Moltin-hosted stores.

Follow this link to learn more about Moltin. 

Advanced loyalty programs

You can now use new and improved loyalty program features such as:

  • Personalized and automated notifications.
  • Webhooks plug-in.
  • Monitoring of loyalty program members' activity.
  • Transfer of points between different cards.

Follow this link to learn more about improved loyalty programs. 


You can now learn how to run specific types of campaigns step-by-step. Visit the cookbook to learn something new or to get some inspiration for your next campaign.

Follow this link to learn more about the Voucherify cookbook. 

Advanced cart promotions

You can now use promotion stacking possibilities in the revamped cart-level promotions manager.

Follow this link to learn more about cart promotions. 

New anti-fraud options

You can now use more advanced anti-fraud options for landing pages. To protect you from users misusing your landing page to receive multiple codes, we have introduced several safety checks that you can enable/disable in landing page settings.

Follow this link to learn more about these security measures. 

Clone campaign

You can now clone your campaigns. If you need to release a similar or exact same campaign, you don't have to create it from scratch. Just clone the campaign and that's it! You can do so by choosing the 'clone campaign' option in the top right corner in the Campaign detailed view.

New validation rule

You can now use the validation rule that limits redemption allowed per given API key giving you greater control over your cooperation with affiliates and merchants.

Follow this link to learn more about validation rules. 

Custom errors

You can now set up custom error messages per validation rule. It's a great way to let your customers know why they are unable to validate or redeem a voucher.

Follow this link to learn more about custom errors. 

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