August 2020

Beta Integration with Google Ads

You can now use Google Ads integration to effectively promote your campaigns and landing pages via Promotions Extensions functionality. Contact support to get access to this integration.

Follow this link to learn more about Google Ads integration. 

Proportional assignment of loyalty points

You can now assign a proportional number of points for customers who made an order in your loyalty program. For instance, you may establish that for each dollar spent, a customer should get 2 loyalty points.

Follow this link to learn more about the loyalty points assignment. 

Loyalty points as coins

You can now let the end-customers cover a part of the payment in a connected checkout form by applying loyalty card id as a gift card/coupon code.

Follow this link to learn more about loyalty points as coins. 

Multi-factor authentication

You can now use multi-factor authentication for each login attempt. If the configuration is enabled, each user before the next login will be obligated to set up the second mechanism for authentication (Google Authenticator, backup codes, or SMS verification codes).

Follow this link to learn more about multi-factor authentication. 

Nested metadata and arrays

You can now use nested metadata and arrays to extend campaign customization capabilities. This feature comes in handy if predefined Voucherify objects do not match your business logic and you need to create metadata objects from scratch.

Follow this link to learn more about nested metadata. 

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