Customer Success Team

It isn’t easy to succeed on your own. That’s why when you become a Voucherify user, a team of dedicated customer success specialists will stand ready to answer any questions you might have. We desperately want you to succeed and feel confident about using Voucherify. Why? Our whole business model is based on your success with our platform. If we fail to offer you the best possible experience and seamless onboarding, you won’t pay for a subscription. 

We offer a team of dedicated, high-skilled developers who have experience with both Voucherify and CRM tools to integrate Voucherify with your existing technology stack. Go here to learn more details.

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24/7 Success Portal Access ✔️ ✔️
24/7 Voucherify Community Access ✔️ ✔️
Email Support ✔️ ✔️
Sandbox environment ✔️ ✔️
Phone Support ✔️
24/7 Infrastructure Monitoring ✔️
Designated Success Manager ✔️
Employee training & onboarding ✔️
Accelerated response time ✔️
Customizable SLS parameters ✔️
Customizable Ticket Management ✔️

If you can’t find an answer to your question, you would, of course, want to get in touch with someone from support. Please do!

We can support you via a community chat, email messages, phone calls, and online consultations. Each pricing plan comes with a pre-defined support package. We offer premium support and extended premium support packages to our Enterprise plans only

The Voucherify Success Team is divided into two sub-groups: Customer Success Specialists and Technical Support.

Customer Success Specialists

Customer Success Specialists are our in-house secret weapon. They have extensive product knowledge and a deep understanding of everything you need to know to succeed with Voucherify. They actively listen to your needs and act as a middleman between your business and Voucherify, ensuring that you achieve maximum efficiency and success with our platform.

You will be contacted by one of our Specialists if:

  • You need some advice on your current setup or use case.
  • You have questions concerning billing and invoices. 
  • You found some issues while operating Voucherify UI.
  • You would like to submit a new feature request. You can also do it here.
  • You have security and privacy concerns. You can always refer to our Privacy and Security Policies.
            Kamila Frej

           Kate Betkier

           Darek Górak

Technical Support

The Technical Support team will help you solve any issues connected with integrating Voucherify into your business ecosystem. You will be transferred to Technical Support if:

  • You are not sure how to technically operate within the Voucherify platform (e.g., API and implementation issues). 
  • You run into a technical problem or a bug that disables you from achieving your goals with Voucherify.  

For technical assistance, you can also visit our developer documentation and GitHub repositories. Our documentation provides a clear explanation of Voucherify API calls with exemplary requests and responses. 

       Maciej Andraszyk        Jagoda Dworniczak          Tomasz Sikora

Support Process

This is how the contact process usually looks like:

How fast will we get back to you?

Our Customer Success Specialists and Technical Support team are online, reading, and answering your questions from 9 am to 5 pm CET, Monday through Friday, excluding Polish holidays. But, we are ready to make some exceptions for customers on a premium support plan. 

To find Voucherify recognized holidays, visit this page.

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