Release Management

Voucherify is continuously working on developing new features to meet and exceed the expectations of our users. Our development cycles are dictated by the new functionalities' quantity and complexity level (lasting 3 months on average). This section describes how you can find out what features we’re working on, how to impact them, and how to stay updated about the newest releases.


We would like you to be a part of the change. We are open to hearing your feedback on what features and functionalities you would like to see implemented in Voucherify. Our Product Portal is a perfect place to do just that. The power of Voucherify lies in its immense flexibility and the hundreds of configurations you can achieve with our platform. 

By visiting our Product Portal, you can see which features are under consideration, planned, under development, and already launched. 

Besides submitting your ideas for product updates that are important for your business, you can also let us know how important features listed in our Product Portal are, allowing us to prioritize our backlog more efficiently.

Product Portal

How to stay in the loop?

If you’d like to stay updated about the progress of work on specific features, all you have to do is state how important the proposed feature is to you and leave your email address. We will handle the rest from there.  

How can I submit a feature idea?

Submitting an idea is even easier. Just click the button Submit idea in the top right corner and give us more details – describe your suggestion, state how critical it is for your business and leave your email address so that we can stay in touch and let you know whether we will implement your suggested changes into the product.

Getting updates

The best way to stay up-to-date with the newest Voucherify product releases is to subscribe to our Product Newsletter. You can toggle your subscription on and off in the Email Subscriptions section in Your Profile. The Newsletter is sent every 3 months and includes all noteworthy updates about our product. 

You can also follow the changelog to stay informed about the newest updates between the Product Newsletters and get more detailed information on selected features.

Email Subscriptions Preferences Box

Maintenance windows

We pride ourselves on being one of the most flexible solutions for efficient promotion management. That's why we strive to keep our platform live and easily accessible at all times – events such as data migrations or feature releases are performed without downtimes, which means that your work will not be affected by our maintenance windows. 

However, when no alternative is at our disposal, we may need to carry out maintenance or modernization works that will partly or wholly restrict access to our Platform. We inform our users about such downtimes within a period no shorter than 72 hours before the planned maintenance break. Within the last five years of our operations, such a maintenance break took place only once. 

We also guarantee that the maintenance break should last no longer than 60 minutes, and it can only be carried out between 1 am, and 5 am (CET). 

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