Voucherify Cloud


Security is one of the primary reasons brands decide to implement promotion management software. The goal of a promotion engine is to protect your promotion budget from fraud and people’s mistakes and Voucherify has your back here. But the promotion platform should ensure its security as well.

The foundation of Voucherify’s cloud-based service is our ability to deliver a secure and scalable service that's always available to our customers. 

Our engineering culture has included security at all levels of our technology and operations from the very beginning of the company. We continually invest in the technology, people, and processes that ensure the data you share with us is safe, secure, and private.

Voucherify Cloud

The Voucherify Cloud uses the best of modern technology from Amazon Web Service and the next-generation thinking in cloud computing. This translates into several clear-cut benefits your business can’t expect from software vendors delivering technology with traditional Application Service Providers. This section will help you understand the difference.


Voucherify Cloud is a service running through a public cloud — in our case, it’s Amazon Web services. By leveraging their best of next-generation cloud computing systems, Voucherify can automatically scale up during peak usage then scale back down when the load is light. 

This allows us to continuously serve new customers and their customers interacting with promotions without any downtime or lead time to procure new capacity.

We can run our service across multiple different physical locations across the globe, providing our customers with fast response times and with the assurance that the service will always be available.

Thanks to a public cloud, we can meet high availability requirements often neglected by regular Application Service Providers which host their solutions in private data centers let alone on-premise software. 

Finally, being cloud-first from the very beginning we’ve learned how to optimize hardware costs. This lets us achieve the economy of scale which — we hope — will pleasantly surprise you when you see our pricing.

Quality & Maintenance

But the cloud brings other, more indirect benefits. One of them is rock-solid software quality

Hundreds of digital teams use our promotion platform across the globe, including developers integrating our API and marketers using the service every day. Finally, thousands of consumers redeem promotions with our promotion engine every minute. It’s clear that with this many users high-quality software is essential to our business. You can read their success stories here

It’s not that our engineers make fewer mistakes than your in-house developers, but with instant feedback and proactive monitoring, they are faster to detect issues and resolve them as they come up — often rolling out fixes to all users before they have even noticed the problem.

The public cloud also gives more capabilities for disaster recovery. Amazon cloud, in our case, offers data centers located in different parts of the globe which ensures high availability in the face of natural disasters. Business continuity is also ensured with the way we store your data — using standard, well known, and backed-up databases provided by Amazon.

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