Sandbox & Testing

The best way to discover our promotion management platform, Voucherify, is to test it thoroughly. 

30-day free trial

You can do it with our 30-day free trial (no credit card required) for which you can register here. The free trial allows you to try all campaign types in Voucherify, integrate our API with your systems, connect with any of our out-of-the-box integrations in seconds, or simply test how our dashboard works in practice. 

Free plan

If you are not ready to commit to a paid plan yet, you can start small with a free plan with the following limits:

  • All campaign types and features can be used (except for geofencing that is available only to the Enterprise plan clients). 
  • An unlimited number of campaigns. 
  • 100 API calls/hour.
  • 1000 API calls/month.
  • 1 project. 
  • 1 user. 
  • Slack community support
  • Shared infrastructure.
  • Self-service onboarding and user training with our on-demand webinars and other assets.

Sandbox API & Project

If your account was created before version v20210726 was live (released 09-08-2021), you won't see the Sandbox project in your projects list. If you'd like to access the Sandbox project in your dashboard, send us a request here.

We also provide a Sandbox API and Project for testing. You can use the Sandbox any time and for as long as you want. Using sandbox API you can, for example, test Voucherify API or integrate your platforms with Voucherify without having to pay for the subscription until you move to the production environment. 

Sandbox projects have their unique API keys for authorization and fixed API calls limit set to 100 calls per hour. 

The Sandbox project is not included in the limit for projects set by your pricing plan.

The sandbox API includes exactly the same endpoints as the production API. When you create a subscription, your Sandbox requests won't be counted into your account limits of API calls and redemptions.

For more information, visit our Pricing and Sandbox pages.

Demo Store

Your Sandbox Project is connected to the test e-store. The showcase store presents how the integration between Voucherify and customer touchpoints works in practice. 

With the Sandbox Project and the Demo Store, you can create campaigns and immediately see how they work. For example, you can validate and redeem codes from created campaigns to test different promo scenarios and validation rules. The results of each redemption will be noted in the dashboard so you can see how Voucherify tracks performance. 

For more information about the Sandbox Project and Test Store, go here.

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