If you import your product catalog to Voucherify, you will be able to:

  • Use products and variants to build validation rules in your promotions. 
  • Build product collections to target specific inventory groups. 
  • Restrict promotions to apply only to certain products, product lines, product types, or make them accessible only if the order contains or does not contain certain products or product lines. 
  • Create custom earning rules for your loyalty programs that will gratify your customers for certain product purchases more than others. 

Having a detailed product catalog in Voucherify helps you run personalized promotions, manage your budget better, and promote specific products.

Product-based validation rules:

  • Quantity of matched items – how many products with added metadata property need to be in the customer's cart (for example, two items from the smartphones category).
  • Subtotal of matched items – the required value of items with added metadata in the customer's cart (for example, the value of products from the smartphones category needs to be more than $500).
  • All order items must match – all items in the customer's cart need to meet the metadata criteria. 
  • Discount applicable to related products – set if the discount applies to items with added metadata property (for example, all products with metadata 'category' and its value 'smartphones' are discounted when a code is redeemed).
  • Certain products giving more loyalty points in your loyalty program – some products, if bought, could be giving 2x the standard amount of points/coins. 
  • Certain products have to be purchased to qualify for a specific loyalty program tier – you could define that only customers who have used X times in Y period of time Z types of products (for example, premium services) qualify to your VIP loyalty program tier. 

How to import your product catalog to Voucherify?

You can import your products and their properties directly through the Dashboard or API. 

  1. From the Dashboard, you can add products one by one: 

  2. With API:

These are the endpoints responsible for adding products and their variants:

These are the endpoints responsible for adding and updating SKUs:

With the API, you can also import products in bulk

How to structure your product catalog?

You can use SKUs and metadata to customize your products. You can add a schema that maps your product catalog structure by adding product line, brand, type, etc. For example:

  • Category: Smartphones
  • Manufacturer: Samsung
  • Line: Galaxy S
  • Product: Galaxy S8
  • SKU: Galaxy S8 64GB

The product, SKU, and source_id are built-in properties. Source_id enables you to add your identifier from an external product catalog software and sync the products based on it. According to the example above, you need to create additional custom fields (metadata) for a category, manufacturer, and line. 

Thanks to metadata, you can add any information to your products and map any product catalog structure. With the Metadata Schema Validation, you can reflect custom products' properties for your inventory. In effect, every product will get a set of custom fields (each one for a corresponding level) which you can fill in if you decide to add/import your catalog to Voucherify. 

Here you can find a tutorial on metadata.

Types of properties you can use to create metadata: 

  • Text string
  • Number
  • Flag
  • Date
  • Time
  • Image URL

You can also add restrictions (optional values for a property) to the properties.

Metadata Product Restrictions

Read more about how to customize your products with metadata

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