We offer a team of dedicated, high-skilled developers who have experience with both Voucherify and CRM tools to integrate Voucherify with your existing technology stack. Go here to learn more details.

API flexibility

Our API is flexible and easy to integrate with other software. It is organized around REST

  • It has predictable, resource-oriented URLs and uses HTTP response codes to indicate API errors.
  • We use built-in HTTP features, like HTTP authentication and HTTP verbs, understood by off-the-shelf HTTP clients.
  • We support cross-origin resource sharing, allowing you to interact securely with our API from a client-side web application.
  • JSON is returned by all API responses, including errors, although our API libraries convert responses to appropriate language-specific objects.
  • Our documentation has a test mode so that you can test all methods at no cost.
  • We provide SDKs in the major programming languages.

Our API documentation can be found here.

Besides that, API enables you to build custom connections quickly. Voucherify also provides plenty of built-in integrations

Native plugins

Voucherify offers various integrations out-of-the-box, covering the following software types:

  • E-commerce
  • Marketing automation
  • CRM
  • Analytics
  • Distribution channels

You can always find the up-to-date list of integrations here.

E-commerce integrations

To be able to run promotional campaigns in your e-shop, you need to integrate your e-commerce software with Voucherify. We provide out-of-the-box integrations with the following e-commerce solutions:

If you have a different e-commerce solution, you will need to plan some capacity for integrating Voucherify API with your software. At the architecture review meeting, the Voucherify solution architect presents the integration blueprint and data model, demonstrates our recommendations in alignment with your requirements, and identifies any remaining open issues. Depending on the complexity of integration, this usually takes a couple of days.

For more details on the implementation,follow this article.

Promotion distribution

You can connect Voucherify with various distribution channels to send personalized messages with codes or notifications straight from the Voucherify dashboard. To create your campaign materials quickly, Voucherify provides its own email designer.

Available distribution integrations:

CRM platforms

Connecting Voucherify with your CRM, CEP, or CDI system will let you use the customer data you store there to run personalized promotions. Voucherify can track customer data coming from your customer data platforms and save customer actions as custom events.

Follow this article to learn more about custom events in Voucherify.

You can use these events to divide your audience or create redemption rules. You can also use them as reward-trigger actions in your loyalty and referral programs. Having CRM integration in place will also enable you to collect, store, and analyze the data in one place.

Available CRM integrations:

Marketing automation

Voucherify offers the following out-of-the-box solutions for marketing automation:

  • Webhooks
  • Zapier integration

Connecting Voucherify with other apps via webhooks enables you to set certain events that trigger automatic responses in the system that a webhook is attached to. For example:

  • In response to coupon redemption, Voucherify may send a ‘thank you’ email.
  • Voucherify may trigger webhooks with information that a customer should receive a referral reward. Later on, the system can send an email or an in-app message informing the customer about the reward.
  • Voucherify can send a discount coupon to a customer who abandoned the cart.
  • Voucherify can automatically inform your customers about any changes in the campaign or time-limited discounts.

Thanks to Voucherify integration with Zapier, you can easily sync your web applications to facilitate your workflow and automate the transfer of information between different apps. Zapier is an online platform that creates links between other apps. These links automate the data transfer between different endpoints. Without automation, these tasks would take much more time, money, and energy.

See the installation guide for more information. Follow this article for more ideas on Zapier + Voucherify integration.


We provide three ways to use analytics with the Voucherify platform, out-of-the-box:

  • Voucherify built-in reporting functions
  • Export capabilities
  • Google Analytics

Voucherify built-in reporting functions:

Voucherify gives you a wide variety of channels and tools that keep you informed about campaigns' performance, ROI, and budget spent in real time. Voucherify also allows you to track the order and redemption history of a particular customer and access a 360 degrees customer profile view.

Learn more about how reporting works in Voucherify.

Export capabilities:

You can export the customer data from Voucherify to a CSV file, enabling you to import it to other CRM tools.

Read more on how to do it from your Voucherify dashboard.

Google Analytics integration:

The integration of Voucherify and Google Analytics will help you track your Voucherify landing pages' performance. Voucherify offers a separate tracking tool, yet many of our clients prefer to keep their web data in one place. Google Analytics is an excellent tool for this purpose. Staying in control is crucial with promo landing pages as too many codes running rampant can lead to your business losing money instead of earning it. 

See the installation guide for more information.

Google Ads

By connecting Google Ads with Voucherify, you can effectively promote your campaigns and landing pages via Promotions Extensions functionality.

The integration is still under development. Right now, you can add Google Ads Extensions for gift and discount campaigns. To use the integration, get in touch with our support team.


You can subscribe to receive notifications about different activities, for example:

  • Redemption details (redemption is done, redemption failed, etc.).
  • Triggering a referral reward.
  • Redemption rollback.

To receive the notifications we offer out-of-the-box:

Best practices

There are several building blocks your developers can use to get the API integration done faster:

  • Detailed API endpoints reference.
  • SDKs for every popular programing language.
  • Step-by-step guides.
  • Pre-built UI widgets.
  • Testing environment.

To make the custom integrations faster and easier for your developers:

  • Involve your software team early on in the design process. Make sure they read the API reference and the API integration guide to evaluate the necessary workload.
  • Use the official SDKs to reduce the number of integration issues and the total implementation time.
  • Every object you interact with via API stores an HTTP request/response body. Use them to debug your integration and solve issues raised by your team.
  • Check our API status here.

If you would like us to develop a new feature or integration, you can submit your idea or vote on others’ ideas on our publicly available product roadmap.

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